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Beowulf vs Gandhi

Uploaded by tauseef on Oct 02, 2004

Regardless of the difference or similarity in time, distance, language, and culture a few people are similar when everything amongst them is poles apart and some people are different when they share absolutely nothing in common. A similar case is with Beowulf and Gandhi; while being different in many aspects they are still very much alike in some other cases. Beowulf is a fictional character situated in the time of Anglo-Saxons which was around 700 whereas Gandhi is a realistic personality who lived in the time of British rule in India which was around the1940’s. Although being in different times, Beowulf and Gandhi had similar aims in their lives, which was to fight for good and helpless people.

Beowulf and Gandhi are different in a way that Beowulf was a physically strong character and he gained an advantage over people through his power. On the other hand, Gandhi was physically weak but had a disadvantage over people of brawn. Gandhi had a unique fashion of approaching his objectives as he applied non-violent tactics to come over his opposition. On the other side, Beowulf used the violence to combat his foes. Gandhi’s words, “Non-violence is the first article of my faith.” shows how much Gandhi trusted in his non-violent method. The characters had an uncommon cultural background; Beowulf was a fictional character from around the 700’sAnglo-Saxon society, and Gandhi was a realistic personality from the modern 20th century and was a part of the Indian society.

There is also some resemblance between the two characters. Both Beowulf and Gandhi were noble because they were fighting for people who were helpless and could not fight for themselves. They also represented integrity and ambition as they alleged with what they were doing and didn’t need any assistance from anyone to set out to get their goals. They were self-assured because they knew they had nothing to lose and were valiant enough to act alone. Beowulf and Gandhi were famous and respected within their own societies; people looked at them for motivation and believed in them to lead the way. In the poem Beowulf Hrothgar refers to Beowulf when he says, “God, His mercy, has sent him to save us.” This stands as a proof to how much people respected and trusted on Beowulf’s abilities. In the end they both the heroes died while they were still fighting in their struggles for the people who...

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Uploaded by:   tauseef

Date:   10/02/2004

Category:   Beowulf

Length:   2 pages (493 words)

Views:   4936

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Beowulf vs Gandhi

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