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Apology Given

Uploaded by ca_landrum on Mar 03, 2006

What the world has seen is not what it deserves to see. I, being a Christian, am appalled at the atrocity of what the modern church has become. I am appalled at what my own faith has become. For this I litterally give an apology. I am sorry that you have not seen what should have been seen years ago.

The statement, "I would rather see a sermon than hear one," is true. Dead true. You, the world, long to see authenticity in every thing. Every breathing person on this planet is searching for satisfaction and purpose. I'll be frank and say that Jesus and only Jesus fills that. However, you will no doubt disagree because of the Jesus that you have seen.

I think I can state a fairly true comment when I say that the most a modern Christian will read his Bible is on Sunday mornings during Sunday School. Many good, good Christians will spend their days doing many good things for others, but they will not spend any time with God.

What is the point, you may say? Why does spending time with God matter? What if a biographer writes a story based soley on how he thinks the subject really was.

It's like a Ridley Scot movie, in a way. I love the movie Gladiator, and enjoyed Kingdom of Heaven immensley, yet found them to be lacking in the historical accuracy. In some ways it was completely historically appalling. They maybe good movies, but they don't paing the picture of history in the proper manner.

You have seen a Ridley Scot version of Christianity. You have seen nothing real, nothing relevant, nothing true. In many cases you have seen downright fiction.

Authenticity needs to be shown. We need to go back to our roots, back to what started our beliefs. Every Christian should have a 'basic' overview of church history just to know where Christianity ends and imitation begins.

It is only then that you, the world, can see a picture of Christ that was painted rightly. I apologize that I waited so long in my life to take you seriously. It was wrong and I will never do it again. Do not look at modern Christians for perfection, or for satisfaction to eternity. Look openly at the scriptures, if you dare, and show a little boldness to actually look for truth. Maybe it will find you.

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Uploaded by:   ca_landrum

Date:   03/03/2006

Category:   Religion

Length:   2 pages (395 words)

Views:   2515

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Apology Given

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