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Andrew Johnson's Restoration Plan

Uploaded by quinonespearl on Feb 15, 2006

Andrew Johnson was a racist president who’s Restoration Plan implemented Black oppression in the South indirectly. His Reconstruction Plan reunified and rebuild Slave owners economically, socially and politically instead of the whole country including African Americans. This might have resulted from his non-belief in African American political rights. He sugar coated his Restoration Plan in many ways that made it hard for African Americans to break completely free from slavery.
In Andrew Johnson’s Restoration Plan he renounced succession in which the South had to promise that they would not withdraw from the union. This part of his plan did not end slavery of African Americans. Renounced succession was just about preventing white southerners from fighting the north. It was in Andrew’s best interest to keep the North and South united. This would make America look appealing to the rest of the country and even the rest of the world and then attract immigrants from all over.
Andrew Johnson Restoration Plan ratified the 13th amendment (abolishes slavery) with the intentions on keeping African Americans mentally enslaved. He knew that if he abolished slavery, he would be viewed as a “good president”. Abolishing slavery would make southerners wealthier by making African Americans work for low wages. Andrew’s Restoration Plan was a plan to keep African Americans mentally, socially and economically enslaved.
Andrew Johnson Reconstruction Plan pardoned rebel leaders of the south. During the Civil War approximately 650,000 Americans died. After all of these lives were sacrificed, Andrew just simply forgave these rebel leaders without penalty. This action was not a smart idea after these rebel leaders enslaved African Americans and wanted to take over the rest of the country with black oppression.
Andrew Johnson’s reconstruction Plan allowed ex-confederates to hold office. Which clearly means that he allowed white slave owners to take power over African Americans. This gave Ex-Confederates a right to create Black Codes to oppress African Americans. Slaves were called “ Freedman” who were required to carry a pass in order to go anywhere. Slaves had to observe curfews and were enforced to follow strict vagrancy laws. They also had to live in provided housing by white southerners. All of these codes and laws were like some “government slavery” against African Americans.
Andrew Johnson reconstruction Plan included the return of wealth to it’s original owners. He returned social power to white southerners who did not deserve it and...

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Uploaded by:   quinonespearl

Date:   02/15/2006

Category:   Slavery

Length:   2 pages (454 words)

Views:   4154

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Andrew Johnson's Restoration Plan

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