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Act Two Scene 6

Uploaded by moonstalker on May 29, 2001

What does this scene reveal about Nora? What is its importance in the whole play?

In Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House”, in Act Two Scene 6, Nora’s deceptive behaviour and desperation reaches its climax due to the arrival of the letter. This is because the letter contains the means she used to get hold of the money. During the time when the play took place, society frowned upon women asserting themselves. Women were supposed to play the role in which they supported their husbands, took care of their children and made sure that everything around the house was perfect. Work, politics and decisions were left to the males. Nora broke the law and decided to borrow money to pay for her husband’s treatment. She did not borrow the money in the ‘right’ way instead she forged her father’s signature. By doing this, she not only broke the law but also stepped away from the role society had placed on her, being totally dependent on her husband. In this scene, she faces the truth in the letter. The person from whom she borrowed the money, Krogstad, wants payment on the loan. He also blackmails her about influencing Helmer to give him a better job at the bank and hence increase his position in society.

This causes Nora to try to keep the letter away from her husband; but what is the significance of the letter and what does it mean to Nora? Possibly, this letter catalyses how Nora acts and how she thinks and she has been deceiving Helmer for the whole of their marriage. This included all sorts of deceptions. One thing that a good audience can recognise is how petty her lies become throughout the play. Nevertheless, no matter how petty her lies are, all she wanted is to cover up her secession.

Associated with her deception is the situation she is now in, her desperation, which causes an avalanche of deceitful behaviour and thoughts. When Helmer asks if she is trying on her costume, her agreement is followed by “I’ m going to look beautiful for you,” which reveals and sums up her deception. The truth is that she is trying to sort out her next moves with Mrs Linde in how to keep Helmer away from that letterbox. Conceivably, Nora is beautiful as commented by Helmer, but what lies underneath her beauty are, the complicated thoughts and the idea of forgery.


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Uploaded by:   moonstalker

Date:   05/29/2001

Category:   A Doll's House

Length:   4 pages (935 words)

Views:   3004

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