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Abuse of young minds - Character Sketch: Anchie Min

Uploaded by tauseef on Oct 16, 2002

During Chinese Cultural Revolution the situation that some people of China were facing, was not very usual. One of them was a young girl that I am going to introduce, is the main character of the story Red Azalea written by Anchie Min. The main character was Anchie Min and she had a very interesting history taken place during this time.

Anchie Min’s appearance was not described in the story but we can conclude that she was serious usually. She was kind, sympathetic, educable, and had a mind that can be taught anything very easily. Her personality was impressing and that is why she was chosen as the leader of the class.

She accomplished many things in her life. Anchie Min was the leader in her class and was also the chosen for a special speech that will take place in front of more than two thousand people, which is a great achievement. She was awarded several times and was honored from time to time in various areas. Junior students also used to admire her as the leading senior of their school. Maybe one of the things that she should have accomplished earlier was the meaning of “betrayal” and “punishment”. Although she accomplished her lesson but it was pretty late to be used.

Many kinds of quotes were found in this story concerning Anchie Min. One of them was in her teacher’s diary, which states “Anhie Min was one of very few children who were educable”. This quote represents the ability of learning things very quickly. Another quote was by Anchie Min herself states “There was no way I could picture Autumn Leaves as an American spy”. This means she couldn’t believe that her teacher was considered as an American spy, the teacher who taught her how to express herself properly in front of people, the teacher who opened her mind in difficult mathematical problems. This last quote was at the very end of the story; it sates “I must fight against anyone who dared to oppose Mao’s teachings”. This was reminded her as a duty to be done with. It signifies that she would go against anyone who is against Mao without any particular reason.

In the story other people thought of Anchie Min as an educable student that can be taught anything to obey whether it’s correct or incorrect. One of the advice that I would like to give to...

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Uploaded by:   tauseef

Date:   10/16/2002

Category:   Literature

Length:   2 pages (419 words)

Views:   1812

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Abuse of young minds - Character Sketch: Anchie Min

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