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Uploaded by Kheyal on Nov 01, 2007

Having recurrent confrontations with the striking resemblance between politics and soaps drove me into writing this highly opinionated piece. Reading about all that world leaders do and what the unbearably dramatic actors perform on TV . . . one expects lesser embarrassing congruence . . .
DISCLAIMER: The following is merely an example of one such soap that illustrates my opinion aptly. I had to settle with excerpts from two episodes to give substantial evidence due the abundance of commercials. The information is purely authentic as I can guarantee that after having painfully interviewed the professional in this field who has an experience of memorising every soap on every channel, my maid . . .
Without further ado, I give you

‘Kyon k saas bhi kabhi Indira Gandhi thi’
Episode No. 526 and 527

Indira moves around the room with almost bridal make up and a cell clutched in her hand, in a modern well-furnished room, she seems tense.
‘I don’t understand why has Rohit switched off his cell, he knows that I call around eleven whenever I do that is. He’s been acting strange lately, may be he remembers his ladylove from his affair before he married to me . . .’ she thinks aloud biting her lip on the verge of tears.
‘What did I not do for him? Where did I go wrong? How could he unfaithful to his pure, up righteous, No. 1 wife?’ Now there’re two streaks on her face, she’s crying, yet again.

Rohit seems perplexed in his office, with a stud makeover, rearranging sheets on his table. A party of men enter his office.
‘Gentlemen, I was compelled to call this meeting due to the recent proceedings of the labour force. I’ve heard a strike is expected . . .’

The amusing immaturity of Indira is somewhat encountered in world politics when after the 9/11 event, every state was a terrorist state – with Indira, I meant United States having apprehensions like may be Afghanistan or Iraq or Pakistan or . . . oh well.
And another unconscious (immature) slip of tongue when Bush claimed to be fighting a crusade – sounds more like war against Muslims than war against terrorism to me.

Indira has a make over from hell and she seems content after her million rupee-shopping spree. She stands in the living room preparing to sit when her saas, a scowling old lady, enters. Indira’s saas is well prepared for...

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Uploaded by:   Kheyal

Date:   11/01/2007

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   5 pages (1,162 words)

Views:   1669

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