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A journey through The Understanding of Life

Uploaded by Derek Crawford on Mar 20, 2004

Sitting on the white sandy beach of San Pedro Sula in Belize, a young boy approached me begging for a dollar. Seeing that he really needed and wanted the money, I gave him without any taught. I actually gave the boy two dollars more than he asked. The boy looked at me and said “why did you give me more than I asked”, “I said to him enjoy it because live is short”. The boy watch me in the face and said to me “sir, what is life?” very amazed by his question, I said to him I don’t really know. The boy smiled with me and ran off to play with his friends. But what is Life? Life is the greatest unknown, it is a mysterious unpredictable cascade of unbelievably amazing unpremeditated experiences. Life is a true abyss, the truth may be right before your eyes or yet the truth may be so far from your eyes that trusting your eyes may be of dyer consequence. Knowing the difference between the two adds another element of difficulty not many can sincerely claim to have dealt with victoriously.

Life is never what one would wish, as life feels no guilt is contorting ones hopes, aspirations and dreams to produce a never ending array of experiences. Life is never subject to control; rather it has a sense of irony, sometimes indescribably so. Life is a teacher, an understatement that can be dismissed by no one. I myself have been time and time again a pawn in the game of life. Life has taken away so much from many of us, but for good reasons, so as to allow us to realize that we were blessed to have had so much to loose. Life has though offered us much more than we will ever know. But the greatest lesson life has thought us may be confined here in these words. We are all unique, all of our lives are unique, and we are a mirror image of no one. People have always found it amazing at how quickly children developed as a teenager and how seemingly regressed they are at the age of adulthood. Many of us have had various good and bad experiences in life and have had to make...

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Uploaded by:   Derek Crawford

Date:   03/20/2004

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   8 pages (1,742 words)

Views:   1646

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A journey through The Understanding of Life

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