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A Walk by Moonlight

Uploaded by hurr.i.cane.87 on Jan 02, 2005



Poetry is the awakening of our conscience. In ‘A Walk by Moonlight’ Derozio illustrates how, on a casual walk, he is “allied to all the bliss, which other worlds we’re told afford”. The walk and observation makes him question life and introspect as well.

The poem starts with pleasant memories of the previous night. Derozio feels blessed with a gift. In the future, when his mind is in turmoil and anxiety, he can ponder and contemplate upon this moment and find a “happy spot” in his memories to rest. He says that there are some memories in our past which we keep looking to, “soft hours” which are far away and “vague” but they never “burn out” and disappear. And when some of these memories were thrown across his path the previous night his heart was so uplifted, he thought “it could have flown”.

Derozio had been to meet a friend and saw other friends there too. All were people who thought in the same manner; they shared a common bond.

“Like minds to like mind ever tend—

An universal law”.

When he asked them for a walk, three at once joined him. They were his cherished friends — two were people with intellectual minds and in age were his equals, the other was young but “endeared” by all.

The beauty of the night transforms their thinking and revives their hearts, which had become numb and feelingless. The poet is deeply touched by small movements of nature and uses them metaphorically to bring out the joy and enlightenment that he receives.

The moon looked powerful and majestic in the sky, and benignly looked down upon the earth. The clouds “divided” and broke apart “in homage to her worth” by not trying to obscure her. The leaves swayed slightly due to the breeze but Derozio feels that they are actually dancing and “rejoicing” for the “influence of the moon”. The moon in turn seems to throw light on the leaves and make them silver robes. For the one hour, when the moon is on its zenith, the leaves look “mystic” and magical.

The winds too seem to be singing and “hymning” in praise of the strength of the moon. The winds take on the role of minstrels, whose songs provoke Derozio’s soul. He feels that there is something magical in the night that “bind” them together...

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Uploaded by:   hurr.i.cane.87

Date:   01/02/2005

Category:   Poems

Length:   4 pages (896 words)

Views:   2631

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A Walk by Moonlight

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