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A Study of Mankind "Antigone"

Uploaded by bradstreet on Dec 14, 2006

We all make inadvertent or unsuitable decisions throughout our lives. It is the real-world hamartia of human character. The problem is, we often realize this all too late; learning from our mistakes as one would say. So naturally an individual learns as they he or she has been taught. Then again, what of those who never learn, or those who are so blind to this fact that they bring about events so avoidable it is laughable? These are the people that you meet for just an instance, say at a party, and then you realize that you are restraining yourself from punching a tooth down their throat. It’s that annoying feeling you get when a fly lands on your arm, you swat, it flies to your other, arm you swat, and the cycle continues. But these people cannot be swat away into the uninhabited portions of our minds as was done with the humble fly. Left unchecked their social “blindness” will trigger events whose results are seldom agreeable. This leads to question, “Can we stop this psychological pandemic?” A man can spend his life searching for a cure or even a treatment, and yield nothing. But he who claims to have unlocked the secret will be praised and worship. Yet in reverse isn’t such a claim the result of the “disease” itself? A man who claims to have achieved perfection of mind, of ego, isn’t that the sort of declaration that is analogous to the very “illness” itself? I deem such miracles a ruse or fallacy. It is human nature to suffer from the same emotional disease, arrogance. Nothing has changed in regard to arrogance, nor will it ever.

The memory of that brisk winter night pierces through my head like the stadium lights had done that same night. It was down to the wire; playoffs or next year. One pass determined that result. No quarterback likes this position; from pee wee to NFL, the feeling is mutual. So I cannot imagine what Brice Cutter was thinking in the seconds prior to the ball being hiked into his hands, initiating the last and final play of the game, and possibly Brice’s career. The command was given and the play commenced. Needless to say the opposing team’s defense was useless in providing a challenge. The cliffhanger was disposed of and our team walked of the field with thoughts of the state...

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Uploaded by:   bradstreet

Date:   12/14/2006

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   7 pages (1,478 words)

Views:   1562

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A Study of Mankind "Antigone"

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