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A Comparison of two Poems about Soldiers Leaving Britain to Fight in The First World War

Uploaded by Admin on Mar 21, 2000

The two poems I am comparing are "Joining The Colours" by Katherine Tynan and "The Send Off" by Wilfred Owen. " Joining The Colours" is about a regiment of soldiers leaving Dublin in August 1914 to go to France to fight. This was at the beginning of the First World War and all the soldiers were happy because it was an opportunity for them to show their girlfriends and their families that they were brave. "The Send Off" is about a regiment of young soldiers who are departing later in the war. This poem was written a few years after "Joining The Colours". The mood of each occasion is different because "Joining The Colours" was written when the soldiers and their relative's thought that the war would be over by Christmas but instead it finished much later on and millions of soldiers got killed. The mood in "The Send Off" is totally different because the soldiers were already afraid. They knew how dangerous the war was because of what so many people had experienced since "Joining The Colours" was written in 1914. There was no celebration for them because most of the people knew what was going to happen. The structure and the style of each poem varies in different ways. "Joining The Colours" is more positive. The structure of this poem is simple. Even though there are some words which convey an image that war is bad, most of the style of writing is positive and even happy. "The Send Off" is a more serious and frightening poem. The style of writing throughout the poem is sad and conveys an image that war is completely bad. The structure of this poem is more complicated than "Joining The Colours". This is because the poet is trying to convince the reader that war is the most terrible thing that ever happened. In "Joining The Colours" the soldiers seem happy as they march to war. In stanza 1 for example "There they go marching all in step so gay". This quotation shows how they enjoy marching, all together. Their attitude towards war is very carefree. They look almost as though they are "going to a wedding day". In stanza 2 the soldiers "are singing like the lark". In stanza 3 they make noises with "whistles, mouth-organs". The soldiers are carefree because they are brave. They don't understand how dangerous war is because they...

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Uploaded by:   Admin

Date:   03/21/2000

Category:   Poetry

Length:   8 pages (1,689 words)

Views:   1969

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A Comparison of two Poems about Soldiers Leaving Britain to Fight in The First World War

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