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12 Reasons Why Russian Women are NOT Desperate to Leave Their Country

Uploaded by WWu777 on Jun 27, 2005

Dear Reader,

If you are one of the many Westerners who harbor the myth that most or all Russian women are desperate to leave their country or want a green card, then please read my article below and consider the 12 points that I make which prove it to be a narrow-minded egocentric American myth. These points are based on my experiences of being 6 months in Russia, visiting 9 cities, and meeting hundreds of people there.


12 Reasons Why Russian Women are NOT
Desperate to Leave Their Country
A Complete Debunking of the American Myth

By Winston Wu (

This article addresses a myth that comes up often during discussions about Russian women. Many ignorant Westerners (who have never been to Russia obviously) believe that most women in Russia are desperate to leave their country and get a green card to America, or they pose that as the explanation for why Russian women treat us men so much better and are more open and friendly than their Western counterparts. This myth is especially common among feminists and arrogant men. These people make snap judgments about something they know nothing about. However, this common myth is completely wrong, and I will demonstrate this from every factual angle. Allow me to elaborate.

Before I begin though, remember that Americans are not the standard to compare the rest of the world by. Just because people in other countries are different from here doesn't mean that they must have ulterior motives. Why can't people be naturally different or have different attitudes and behaviors without having something fishy up their sleeve? Furthermore, American women are not the default standard set by God for how all women should be, and thank goodness for that too. America is a strong capitalistic country with values that encourage individualism and selfishness. Therefore, countries with different social/economic systems and values are obviously going to cultivate different kinds of people. It's as simple as that. To expect otherwise would be unrealistic.

1) First of all, the simple fact in reality is that most women in Russia are NOT trying to leave their country to live abroad. (In fact, most people in any country are not trying to leave it.) I've met about 115 women in Russia. Out all those, only about TWO of them want to emigrate to...

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Uploaded by:   WWu777

Date:   06/27/2005

Category:   Social Issues

Length:   27 pages (5,964 words)

Views:   1934

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12 Reasons Why Russian Women are NOT Desperate to Leave Their Country

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