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12 Realms Notes

Uploaded by geddawg on Oct 16, 2002

I. Small landmass
II. Multi government
III. Five Regions
1. Western Europe
2. the British Isles
3. Northern (nordic) Europe
4. Mediterranean Europe
5. Eastern Europe
IV. Small, yet global power

I. Geographically unique and distinctive
II. Hugh boundaries and diplomatically unified
III. Four regions
1. the Russian Core
2. the Eastern Frontier
3. Siberia
4. the Far East
IV. Formerly a strong communist nation, separated in 1991

North America
I. Countries within consist of America and Canada
II. Nine Regions
1. North American Core
2. Maritime Northeast
3. French Canada
4. Continental Interior
5. South
6. Southwest
7. Western Frontier
8. Northern Frontier
9. Pacific Hinge

Middle America
I. Greatest contrast between a core and a periphery
II. Small-scale, fragmented realm
III. Four regions
1. Mexico
2. Central America
3. Greater Antilles of the Caribbean
4. Lesser Antilles of the Caribbean

South America
I. Realm in which the Iberian influence is very strong, while controlling the cultural geography
II. Four Regions
1. Brazil
the realms’ giant
2. the North
composed of Caribbean facing states
3. the Andean East
strong Amerindian influences
4. the Southern cone

North Africa/ Southwest Asia
I. Large geographic area consisting of many names
1. Nawasia
2. Afrasia
II. Seven Regions
1. Egypt and the Lower Nile
2. the Maghreb
3. African Transition Zone in North Africa
4. the Middle East
5. the Arabian Peninsula
6. the Empire States
7. Turkestan in Southwest Asia

Subsaharan Africa
I. Located within the African Transition Zone and the endmost cape of South Africa
II. Four regions
1. West Africa
2. East Africa
3. Equatorial Africa
4. Southern Africa

South Asia
I. Very defined realm
II. Diverse cultural geography
III. Five regions
1. India at the center
2. Pakistan to the west
3. Bangladesh to the east
4. peninsular South
includes the island of Sri Lanka

East Asia
I. Wide region extending from the deserts of Central Asia to the tropical coasts of the South China Sea and from Japan to Xizang (Tibet)
II. Diverse cultural geography
III. Five regions
1. China Proper, including North Korea
2. Xizang (Tibet) in the southwest
3. desert Xinjiang in the west
4. Mongolia in the north
5. Jakota triangle
Japan, South Korea, Tiawan

Southeast Asia
I. Culturally diverse while influenced by India, China, Europe and the United States
II. Many languages and religions with economies representing both core and periphery
III. Consists of a peninsular mainland and an arc consisting of thousands of islands
IV. Two regions
1. Mainland
2. Insular

Austral Realm
I. Consists of Australia and New Zealand
II. Dominated by western culture and heritage
III. Four regions, defined by cultural geography as well as physical
1. A highly urbanized , two part core and a spread out desert interior in Australia
2. main islands in New Zealand

Pacific Realm
I. Consist of the Pacific Ocean
1. larger then all landmasses combined
2. hundreds of thousands of islands in the ocean

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Uploaded by:   geddawg

Date:   10/16/2002

Category:   Geography

Length:   2 pages (408 words)

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12 Realms Notes

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