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‘In a world without evil life would not be worth living’ (T.S Eliot)

Uploaded by neilfin on Feb 22, 2004

Evil prevails through life as a thoroughbred of disease that has unholy a grip on the ways of people through the passage of time, namely with Barbaras in the Jew of Malta. The evil grip on his person that manifests into a person of high revenge and a person who becomes more wicked to spite the oppressors of his land and thieves of his fortune. Evil can work in many ways though evil through Barbaras helps him battle against what he sees as wrong.

The island of Malta an island where trade is made and people can make there living and Barbaras the Jew gaining an upper hand as one that has made himself extremely wealthy, a Jewish merchant in a country where the Ottoman Empire stands so close. The Turkish Empire that stood so large throwing a shadow over the Island of Malta. Here is how evil would start to manifest through Barbaras as the Turks try without Army force but with the voice of the empire to change the island for their benefit.

Barabas is a strong defiant man who comments on his happiness through wealth and his sentimental pride that he shows with his comment that ‘Rather had I, a Jew, be hated thus. Than pitied in Christian poverty ‘Where life is for working for the power hungry Barbaras he cannot but draw his breath and try and not take umbrage with the Turks robbing of his wealth. How can they just walk in and steal what’s not there’s. The Christian governor is cowering to his given orders from the Turks albeit using tactics to their own advantage. Barbaras can only see this disease that has overcome his way of life. He rants ‘ my gold, my gold, all my wealth is gone. You partial heavens, have I deserved this plague? His use of the word ‘plague’ which as an evil took over cities and countries has implication of his intent. His scheming after the initial order for his money brings to mind a man that through no fault of his own is attracting evil to himself. His words gain stronger prominence to force evil to come out from him. The first Jew commenting that Barabas is in an ‘ireful mood’.

Barbaras is strategic, dishonest in a sense that his desire to have power over his enemies, which manifests into a vengeance-obsessed psychopath. Christian Fernese Governor of Malta and...

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Uploaded by:   neilfin

Date:   02/22/2004

Category:   Literature

Length:   3 pages (762 words)

Views:   1796

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‘In a world without evil life would not be worth living’ (T.S Eliot)

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