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Term Papers 61 - 90

For never was a story of more woe than that of Juliet and her Romeo

Too many people die needlessly and there is too much hate. Only when loved ones die can those who hate see how stupid their hate w...

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James Wang Published on 10/17/2003 2005 Reads Romeo And Juliet

Macbeth is Evil

The struggle between good and evil is the underlying root of conflict itself and it is which side has the greater grasp of control...

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angie_banana Published on 12/02/2002 1627 Reads Macbeth

A Product of His Society? Merchant & Midsummer

It is hard to determine whether or not Shakespearean comedy is clearly a product of Elizabethan courtly society. It can be said th...

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WiggleDemon Published on 11/26/2002 1621 Reads Shakespeare

Macbeth - Discuss the dramatic development of Lady Macbeth

Discuss the dramatic development of Lady Macbeth Macbeth is a drama written about how a warrior tries to become king through mu...

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ashchap Published on 11/24/2002 1977 Reads Macbeth

Hamlet - why is he a tragic figure?

During his lifetime, William Shakespeare composed a numerous number of plays, most of which are considerably famous today. Unlike ...

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lalaland Published on 11/08/2002 1749 Reads Hamlet

Othello: Animal Imagery

It is said that the words or jargon that people use hint at the kind of person he or she is; more, that a person’s choice of words...

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icecreamfloat Published on 10/24/2002 2264 Reads Othello

Taming of the Shrew

“The Taming of the Shrew” may not immediately be described as a violent play. However if we look closer we can see that Shakespear...

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trexie Published on 10/19/2002 2494 Reads Shakespeare

Free-will as a determining factor in Macbeth

William Shakespeare’s Macbeth is a tragic play which details the rise and fall of King Macbeth of Scotland. The impetus for the pl...

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Joe_Man500 Published on 10/18/2002 6567 Reads Macbeth

Romeo and Juliet tragedy - the culprit?

Romeo and Juliet Text Response Rome and Juliet is written by William Shakespeare. It is a story about two lovers called Romeo a...

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quebec15 Published on 10/16/2002 2406 Reads Romeo And Juliet

Look at Iago’s speech (lines 40-65) focusing on language and structure, analyse the speech

Iago’s speech exposes Iago’s explicit delights in his treachery. His true concept of his position is revealed and with it the phil...

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nataschay2k Published on 10/05/2002 1963 Reads Othello

Macbeth Doth Murder Sleep

Duncan's murder has a great effect on Macbeth. He is scared and cannot face what he has done. He is mad with horror, although it i...

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DidoshDaQT86 Published on 09/30/2002 2062 Reads Macbeth

Masculinity and Macbeth

Masculinity is a sensitive subject often defended in bar fights or made fun of in juvenile jokes. A man will go to great lengths t...

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blossomkj Published on 09/22/2002 2351 Reads Macbeth


‘Macbeth’ is a play about the tragic fall of a king from grace and nobility. It deals with many issues which are raised during the...

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Goldy Published on 08/14/2002 1710 Reads Macbeth

Everything at Six and Seven

Regal complacency must yield to political expediency and the deposition of the king will reverberate though the ages. Susan L. Pow...

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nathan747 Published on 07/27/2002 1419 Reads Shakespeare

Conflict in King Lear - Historical and Social Context

Conflict lies at the heart of tragedy. How have the various conflicts in King Lear been presented and received in different histor...

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kurt007 Published on 07/15/2002 5269 Reads King Lear

Symbolism and Imagery in A Midsummer Night's Dream

In A Midsummer Night’s Dream, William Shakespeare brilliantly uses the night as a motif which plays a valuable role in the play. H...

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hilarios604 Published on 07/10/2002 8867 Reads Shakespeare

Bad to the Bone? - The Intriguing Outsider in King Lear and Othello

The declared villains in both Shakespeare plays are Edmund and Iago. Although they pretend to be adjusted to the cultural framewor...

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Crispinella Published on 07/04/2002 2682 Reads Shakespeare

What is the one dominant force that leads to Macbeth’s Downfall?

In the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare there are many forces that lead to the downfall of the lead character, Macbeth. The mos...

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mikiedaman Published on 06/15/2002 2467 Reads Macbeth

Discuss two themes in Romeo and Juliet

Has there ever been such a tragedy as Romeo and Juliet, two young lovers who eventually take their own lives due to their family’s...

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imogigi Published on 06/02/2002 1983 Reads Romeo And Juliet

The Merchant of Venice

“Shylock is the villain in the play. He deserves no mercy.” Discuss with close reference to the Merchant of Venice. In the pl...

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schmick Published on 05/06/2002 2506 Reads Shakespeare

The Macbeths - "this dead butcher and his fiend-like queen"

"this dead butcher and his fiend-like queen". Is this a fair comment on the characters of the Macbeths? Malcolm said this. Ther...

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sifu Published on 05/03/2002 4597 Reads Macbeth


Throughout the play the reason Macbeth’s character changes is because the audiences opinion of Macbeth changes. When the audience ...

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01halpennyk Published on 04/30/2002 1515 Reads Macbeth

Lady Macbeth's way of doing things

In the beginning of the plot, Lady Macbeth was the one who urged her husband to do all the killing. Macbeth was a bit wary about k...

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Hallie J Published on 04/29/2002 1249 Reads Macbeth

The Banquet when Banquo's ghost returns

Whilst Macbeth is entertaining his guests, unseen the ghost of Banquo slips in and sits in Macbeth's place. When the guests asks M...

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Hallie J Published on 04/27/2002 1693 Reads Macbeth

The Power of Persuasion

Honor ~n.~ A showing of merited respect; a quality gained by one whose worth brings respect or fame. Honor is one of the main ...

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crazybowl1 Published on 04/23/2002 1761 Reads Julius Caesar

Romeo and Juliet: Fate or Freewill?

"Chaos is found in greatest abundance wherever order is being sought. Chaos always defeats order because it is better organized." ...

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crazybowl1 Published on 04/23/2002 12046 Reads Julius Caesar

The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet

AUTHOR William Shakespeare was born on April 23,1564 in Warwickshire, England. He was the third child and first son of John and M...

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LiLi Published on 04/20/2002 1837 Reads Romeo And Juliet

Character Sketch: Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar was a tragedy written by William Shakespeare. Julius Caesar was a great Roman general and senator born in 100 B.C. H...

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ChibiUniverse Published on 03/18/2002 2491 Reads Julius Caesar

Were Macbeth's relationships responsible for his downfall?

QUESTION: Choose one or two themes from 'Macbeth' and discuss how that theme is developed through the relationships in the play. ...

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christianpup Published on 03/14/2002 1663 Reads Macbeth

Hamlet's Regeneration

The movement towards Hamlet’s regeneration begins with his reflection on the player’s speech about Hecuba; it advances further in ...

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cheetah Published on 03/09/2002 2161 Reads Hamlet