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Term Papers 91 - 120

His story

From dusk till dawn, till day light sleeps. Not quite dead, yet still not living. The wind changes direction, and so does ...

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delta-one-zero Published on 04/29/2004 1944 Reads Poems

Good vs Evil (losing a father) true story

Moody did not come home yet His toddler is crying His wife is warming the food But the cabis meter is still running ...

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saki Published on 03/31/2004 2496 Reads Poems

Frustration unleashed

Again and again, My heart endures pain Its shattered, destroyed, Dispersing like rain. Now all that remains, Are the scars, I...

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kewljcs Published on 01/21/2004 1740 Reads Poems

king louis xiv

 King Louis was thought to be the Ideal king Nationally know throughout France Greatly appreciated throug...

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spencer Published on 01/20/2004 1626 Reads Poems

Best Friends Forever

Best Friends Forever As the years pass, and we grow apart, I want you to know, that you are in my heart. You helped me th...

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Kristy923 Published on 01/15/2004 2101 Reads Poems

frustration unleashed

Again and again, My heart endures pain Its shattered, destroyed, Dispersing like rain. Now all that remains, Are the scars, I...

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kewljcs Published on 01/11/2004 1754 Reads Poems

Last Resort

Last Resort Pondering Waiting My mind escaping Running Hiding My spirit fighting Living Brea...

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GothicPhilos05 Published on 12/13/2003 1752 Reads Poems

I love this song very much. It is not only peaceful and beautiful but also meaningful. Every time when I hear it I cannot ...

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zoeae Published on 12/01/2003 124 Reads Poems


All night, he evaporates with her scent By silver times, his soul rains on her eyelids He pours his soul between her eyelashes ...

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Razian Published on 11/21/2003 1651 Reads Poems

Momba Jomba

I was running in my wheel I was having a squeal, Then along came the girl, She made me do a twirl. Then she took me away ...

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vic Published on 12/07/2002 1828 Reads Poems


How can I choose, While I sing these blues, Upon the mountaintop, Where the little bunnies hop, Why do you force me, Why can’...

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vic Published on 12/07/2002 1735 Reads Poems


I can’t cry, I won’t cry, I have to hope, I’ll always hope. I deserve to live, I shall live, I can’t give up, I am a person...

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vic Published on 12/07/2002 1967 Reads Poems


let me drop the blue print/am jay the illest the first ever nigg@ to rock the pink/leather gun/i make your kids my son's/when i bu...

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theillest Published on 12/03/2002 1797 Reads Poems

Morning Draft

When I don't understand your perfect plan, And everything is faded, The love You've shown in all my life Is worth the time I've...

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hyperskate Published on 11/24/2002 1751 Reads Poems

Tired Angels

Tired bodies, weary eyes, worried features, heartfelt cries. Heroes in the making on this destructive day, people trying to hel...

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sccason Published on 11/11/2002 1800 Reads Poems

My Journey

Enter into a darkness Where coldness meets with your feet, You walk forward, still the fog consumes your dull senses. Pitch b...

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hyperskate Published on 11/10/2002 1905 Reads Poems

Truth to you My Love

Look into a Blank Face Through Eyes That Do Not Smile. There stands a soul who trusted A soul who was beguiled. To open is ...

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JAZZ Published on 10/27/2002 1924 Reads Poems

Fighting this force

FOR a force so great, for a force so strong, for when you are in love nothing seems wrong, Very few people can give you this fee...

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joas91684 Published on 10/24/2002 1702 Reads Poems

Car Crash

You made me glow inside, tingling and warm You left me empty and bare, shivering and cold You changed the perspective on each ...

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beeki Published on 10/21/2002 1768 Reads Poems

Life Itself

If I haven't died, I thank God for that, because He thinks I'm worth to live this life. I see so many things happening at once, an...

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chamo14 Published on 10/17/2002 1637 Reads Poems

The Taste of Pain

The taste of pain is sour. The taste of happiness is very sweet, the wounds only time can heal them, and the great memories live w...

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chamo14 Published on 10/17/2002 1912 Reads Poems

24 Hours

24 hrs. in one single day. 24 hrs. your name be in my head. 24 hrs. is what determines what we do, and 24 hrs. I wish I can spend ...

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chamo14 Published on 10/08/2002 1809 Reads Poems

Scorching Winter

freezing cold burns my skin bit by bit i lose my grip december winds snow-covered fields made me find warmth in your scor...

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champi_08 Published on 09/19/2002 1896 Reads Poems


The world rushes about me. Yes, I say again, about me. For am I not the center of it all? Is this world not a dream? Flutterin...

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JAZZ Published on 09/14/2002 1955 Reads Poems


I stand. All is silent. Nothing moving. Quietness. But Wait…… A silent sound. There, yet with no proof. A deaf man’s voice....

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JAZZ Published on 09/14/2002 1885 Reads Poems


I found my light In the dead of the night When hope was out of sight, You showed the way and held me tight. I ran mindlessly...

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champi_08 Published on 09/07/2002 1575 Reads Poems

What I feel deep inside

I just want to know why i'm feeling this way i dream about you everynight and think of you everyday. i don't know if i can s...

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AnGel EyEz Published on 09/05/2002 1430 Reads Poems

Death Inhabits Palestine

Did you see a corpse with no head ? I have seen a head with no corpse It is not a nighmarish image Not even a work of imaginati...

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Rym FERIANI Published on 09/04/2002 1645 Reads Poems

The Death Of Life!

As my wrists bstart to bleed, I drop the knife, Begin to weep. My knees buckle, I drop to the ground, I've finally done this,...

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jussie Published on 08/31/2002 1731 Reads Poems

Unsaid Words

When I think of you I don't know what to do When will i see you again? You are all that i want All that i need Can't you see ...

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AnGel EyEz Published on 08/23/2002 1886 Reads Poems