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Term Papers 61 - 90

Hinduism Through Movies

Today, you are one of the successful persons of Indian heritage, a Hindu. Today, can you be sure that your children & grandchildre...

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dipalpatel81 Published on 03/15/2002 1307 Reads Religion

Are Science and Religion Compatible?

The relationship between Science and Religion can be explained from two distinct points of view. Some would argue that scientific ...

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frollypoo Published on 03/02/2002 2512 Reads Religion

Catholic Morality

Morality can be defined as being able to be good in character or conduct; virtuous according to civilized standards of right or wr...

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frollypoo Published on 03/02/2002 2305 Reads Religion

Similarities Between the Islam, Christian, and Jewish Religion

Have you ever wondered what the difference was between Christianity, Judaism and Islam? Christianity, Judaism and Islam are all ma...

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blondela Published on 03/01/2002 2135 Reads Religion

Athiesm - Persuasive Essay

I am an atheist, but only just as I was an agnostic for a long time. An agnostic likes the idea of a god, however feels that it ca...

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fonduelover Published on 02/26/2002 2545 Reads Religion

Christanity and Sin

How far do Christians go to explain the human condition? Although there is a consensus that sin is that which sets up man in pl...

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essayqueen Published on 02/20/2002 1428 Reads Religion

Is it reasonable to expect people to believe in miracles in a modern scientific world?

The idea of miracles came under attack in the eighteenth century when science began to reveal a universe which seemed to follow fi...

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essayqueen Published on 02/18/2002 1679 Reads Religion

Women in the Catholic Church - The Great Debate - Affirmative

SHOULD WOMEN BE ORDAINED IN THE PRIESTHOOD? The question of the ordination of women to the priesthood has moved to the forefront ...

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harry_sacks Published on 02/06/2002 1738 Reads Religion

The Amish

Both the Amish and the Mennonites were part of the early Anabaptist movement in Europe, which took place at the time of the Reform...

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adaTude Published on 12/23/2001 1748 Reads Religion

Comparison of Judaism and Christanity

There are many substantial and vital differences between Judaism and Christianity. Of course there are many similarities, because ...

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dumdum12364 Published on 11/20/2001 1863 Reads Religion

Christianity Versus Islam

Christianity and Islam are two of the most widely recognized and widely practiced religions in the world. Islams and Christians ha...

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GohanSS3 Published on 11/17/2001 2004 Reads Religion

Hindu-Muslim Relations in India

The strife between Hindus and Muslims date back to the 16th century. After the Mughals took over India, there was relative peace f...

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Gustaf Published on 10/05/2001 2047 Reads Religion

Shroud of Turin

Introduction: Millions of words have been written about the remarkable cloth preserved at Turin. More recently, most of these wri...

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augusto Published on 10/01/2001 1889 Reads Religion

Capital Punishment and Christianity

Capital punishment has been stated as ‘murder in its worst form’ barbaric, disgusting, unusual and completely unnecessary. Should ...

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Sarah200002 Published on 09/14/2001 1729 Reads Religion

Education & Public Morality in Australia

The Influence of Education & Public Morality in Australia during 1788-1900 While Christianity played a crucial part in all aspe...

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Nour Published on 06/17/2001 1718 Reads Religion

Obadiah the Prophet

Prophet - One who utters divinely inspired revelations That is how the word prophet is defined in Webster’s dictionary, but a p...

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DomDude Published on 06/04/2001 2468 Reads Religion

Belief Systems - Christianity, Judaism, and Islam

Belief systems, or religions are perhaps the strongest force in society. All of these beliefs are important to each religion in th...

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di Published on 06/01/2001 2367 Reads Religion

Cosmology: Science vs Religion

In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Christian belief encountered significant opposition. Until then, most of the world sha...

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sexy Published on 05/29/2001 1993 Reads Religion

Buddhist meditation

Meditation is very difficult to describe and can only truly be explained once experienced. It is the practice of mental concentrat...

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sexy Published on 05/29/2001 1960 Reads Religion


Pacifism is the belief that violence is not the way to resolve differences. They believe that war can be avoided and that there ar...

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sexy Published on 05/29/2001 4243 Reads Religion

Christianity and the Just War theory

Does the Just War Theory provide sufficient moral justification for Christians’ involvement in war? The Just War Theory is a se...

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sexy Published on 05/29/2001 1643 Reads Religion

Science vs Religion

Science and religion cannot co-exist. What are your views on this? In the begining there was darkness. Then there was light. Th...

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fiza Published on 04/24/2001 1262 Reads Religion


Cults have become a phenomenon in our world today. Each year "hundreds of Canadians join some of the 3,000 unorthodox religions of...

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Raevens_iris Published on 04/13/2001 1803 Reads Religion


Essay: Explain the practices and beliefs of Islam. Use historical Context. Islam is a religion that has existed for millions of...

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litlmutt Published on 04/05/2001 2071 Reads Religion


Essay: Explain the practices and beliefs of Hinduism, include historical context. Hinduism is the religion of choice in some pa...

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litlmutt Published on 04/05/2001 1909 Reads Religion

Biblical Allusion

“All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.”(Romans 3:23) The fall of man- it’s a common topic all throughout the Bibl...

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DMMF226 Published on 04/04/2001 3184 Reads Religion

How has religion affected history and literature?

“And for the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each ...

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CreedPointGirl Published on 02/24/2001 2040 Reads Religion

The Religious Implications of the Byodoin

“Buddhism has the characteristics of what would be expected in a cosmic religion for the future; it transcends a personal God, avo...

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jenayoaks Published on 02/24/2001 1904 Reads Religion

Hermes - Messager god

The idea of gods and goddesses began as far back as the ancient Egyptians, but the ancient Greeks were the first group to form a r...

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Noodlez Published on 02/21/2001 1751 Reads Religion

Religion and Politics in the Revolutionary Era

The Christians objective is not this world-certainly not the world of politics-but the Kingdom of God. Christianity is therefore e...

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fenomnalLady Published on 02/20/2001 1469 Reads Religion