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Art And Music

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Term Papers 61 - 90

Are Asher Lev's Paintings Disrespectful to his Parents?

Are Asher's paintings of the Cruxifixion an ultimate act of disrespect towards his parents? Asher Lev paints against the values...

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Admin Published on 01/07/2001 1885 Reads Art And Music

Development and Demise of the "Seattle Sound"

The “Seattle sound”, a phrase coined for music created by Alternative-style rock bands based in Seattle, is said to contain three ...

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Admin Published on 12/13/2000 1835 Reads Art And Music

The History of Rave Music

The history of Rave Music is quite interesting. It has been around for decades. Some enjoy it, some don’t. There is some conflict ...

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legosgirl2323 Published on 11/28/2000 2137 Reads Art And Music

Music of the 60s

The Sixties were an exciting revolutionary period of time with great social and technological change. Some people called it the “d...

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Admin Published on 11/20/2000 2133 Reads Art And Music

Beto cuevas

There are many rock bands in the world. One of them is the Spanish singing band of La Ley (The Law). Luis Alberto Cuevas Olmedo or...

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gustavorochaa Published on 11/16/2000 1742 Reads Art And Music

Rap and Censorship

The beginnings of rap are believed to based on African rhythms which were used as a form of communication by the native peoples. T...

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kingdingo5500 Published on 11/14/2000 2034 Reads Art And Music

Giuseppe Verdi

Verdi, Giuseppe (1813-1901), was an Italian operatic composer. He was raised as a duchy. He was born on October 10, 1813, in Ronco...

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Admin Published on 11/13/2000 3149 Reads Art And Music

Leonardo da Vinci in Milan according to Giorgione Vasari.

The objective of this essay is to provide an explanation of Leonardo da Vinci’s life and work as an artist in context with his tim...

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rps0 Published on 11/02/2000 1783 Reads Art And Music

Music Today : Just a Bunch of Garbage?

It's 4:00 pm and you just got home from school. You turn on the radio only to hear some media generated stuff banded together by s...

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Filtergirl15 Published on 10/28/2000 1776 Reads Art And Music

The Renaissance (1400-1520 AD)

The Renaissance was “A revival or rebirth of cultural awareness and learning that took place during the fourteenth and fifteenth c...

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bluekurt Published on 10/26/2000 1596 Reads Art And Music

Form and Malignant Form

Sam Vaknin's Psychology, Philosophy, Economics and Foreign Affairs Web Sites Every type of human activity has a malignant equiv...

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palma Published on 10/15/2000 1776 Reads Art And Music

The Basic Dilemma of the Artist

Sam Vaknin's Psychology, Philosophy, Economics and Foreign Affairs Web Sites The psychophysical problem is long standing and, p...

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palma Published on 09/11/2000 1620 Reads Art And Music

Censorship In Music

Censorship in music is a topic that has brought about much controversy in the past two decades. There have been many different arg...

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Admin Published on 06/08/2000 2029 Reads Art And Music

Jimi Hendrix: Are You Experienced?

The Jimi Hendrix Experience released its first album in early 1967. Popular music had been leaning towards psychedelics for a coup...

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Admin Published on 06/05/2000 1999 Reads Art And Music

Like A Prayer Music Video Analysis

Madonna first arrived in the national popular culture in 1984 with her song "Borderline". She moved very quickly in the ensuing ye...

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Admin Published on 06/05/2000 1664 Reads Art And Music

Sweeny Todd

Sweeney Todd is by no means a conventional musical; it takes several forms of music and theater and artfully places them together....

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Admin Published on 06/05/2000 1517 Reads Art And Music

The Doors

Poet William Blake once said "If The Doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite" (Gilmor...

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Admin Published on 06/05/2000 1999 Reads Art And Music

Berry Gordy: Father of the Motown Sound

Berry Gordy Jr. was born in Detroit, Michigan on November 28, 1929. He was the seventh born out of eight siblings. His parents mig...

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Waltohar Published on 05/03/2000 2254 Reads Art And Music

Themes of Bob Dylan's Music

Bob Dylan was recognized by his poetry and song writing. He usually wrote songs about protesting and religious themes. Although th...

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terrylough Published on 04/30/2000 2018 Reads Art And Music

Sculpture of the Old Kingdom of Ancient Egypt

Introduction Egypt is situated in the north-eastern corner of the African continent. It is composed of two very different regions-...

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Admin Published on 04/02/2000 2153 Reads Art And Music

Modern Music

In an age of error the most influential thing in a child and or a teenagers life is music. Whether it be Reggae, Hip Hop, Gangster...

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MeTaLLiKnOt75 Published on 03/23/2000 1760 Reads Art And Music

Akai MPC2000 (MIDI Production Center)

The following is a summary of the advanced features of the AKAI MPC2000, which include a built in sampler, sequencer and more. He...

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Admin Published on 02/13/2000 1826 Reads Art And Music

Renaissance Art

Architecture of the Renaissance reflects the earlier works of the Roman, Byzantines, Moslems, and many other civilizations. The S....

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pagan84 Published on 01/03/2000 1618 Reads Art And Music

The Beatles

The English ROCK MUSIC group The Beatles gave the 1960s its characteristic musical flavor and had a profound influence on the cour...

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Admin Published on 12/15/1999 1773 Reads Art And Music


The Arts play a large role in the expression of inner thoughts and beauty in my life. From dance and music to abstract art our con...

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Admin Published on 12/04/1999 1569 Reads Art And Music

Leda Atomica

Leda Atomica (24 x 18"- oil on canvas), is a painting by Salvador Dali (1904-1989) who was the top Surrealists of this time. Surr...

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nightway Published on 11/29/1999 2262 Reads Art And Music

The Beatles

When people hear the name "The Beatles" most people think of lead singer, John Lennon. However, the role of Paul McCartney is ofte...

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Admin Published on 11/25/1999 2068 Reads Art And Music

Beck's Music

Music is central to my life. Without music, the world would be naked, cold, and quiet. Music can set the rhythm for a long day of ...

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arh165 Published on 11/16/1999 1917 Reads Art And Music

Journal On Rapoport

Human had a long history of showing their will to shape, control their surrounding and understanding the natural world. Thus, it i...

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Admin Published on 11/06/1999 1477 Reads Art And Music

Rap Vs Poetry

"When I first started rapping, me and a couple brothers would all sit around my place freestyling while someone beat boxed. I even...

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methalorange Published on 09/24/1999 2521 Reads Art And Music