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Term Papers 31 - 60

Eloquent, Beautiful & Divine - preface

Poetry may only be a mere fifteen lines on a page, yet it is much more. It is the art of using various literary techniques and viv...

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kathylambchop Published on 11/07/2002 1929 Reads Poetry

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening – An Explication

Robert Frost, one of the America’s most widely known 20th Century poets, was successfully able to live beyond his time, through hi...

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lalaland Published on 11/05/2002 3723 Reads Poetry

Sonnets from the Portuguese, Remember and My Last Duchess: love and relationships

Discuss the portrayal of love and relationships in any three poems. The poems that I have selected to portray the idea of love ...

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Sophie_w Published on 10/19/2002 1715 Reads Poetry

Birches Essay

In any life, one must endure hardship to enjoy the good times. According to Robert Frost, the author of “Birches”, enduring life’s...

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Scrplyr86 Published on 09/16/2002 2676 Reads Poetry

Annabel Lee

The first time I read the poem "Annabel Lee", I thought it was a really nice poem. But, when I read it for the second time, I real...

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champi_08 Published on 09/07/2002 2162 Reads Poetry

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

In The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Samuel Coleridge tells an exciting tale of a man’s sin against nature and his repentance and r...

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Alejandro Published on 08/25/2002 2666 Reads Poetry

Mending Wall

Q. Describe the speaker of this poem and his values. Does he have a sense of humour? Describe his neighbour’s values. A. Robert...

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ojm99 Published on 08/25/2002 1408 Reads Poetry

Mending Wall

Q. Explain what the first line of this poem means to you. Do you agree with that idea or do you think that, “Good fences make good...

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ojm99 Published on 08/23/2002 1677 Reads Poetry

Frost and Death

There are many reoccurring themes throughout poetry. In Robert Frost’s poetry, he uses symbols found in nature to express the mean...

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Jeremeamia Published on 08/18/2002 2127 Reads Poetry

Socrates' Lesson in Plato's Meno

In Plato’s Meno, Socrates discusses ways in which virtue can be acquired with Meno. Meno’s original question of whether virtue can...

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supershocker Published on 08/17/2002 2362 Reads Poetry

Life as a Journey in poetry

Everyone is a traveler, choosing the roads to follow on the continuous journey of life; there exists not a path that leaves one wi...

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hilarios604 Published on 07/10/2002 2096 Reads Poetry

The May Magnificat

In “The May Magnificat” Gerald Hopkins describes the merry month of May as Mary's month, and for that reason it is all the more ma...

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Alejandro Published on 06/15/2002 2372 Reads Poetry

The Hollow Men - TS Eliot and society

The poem is one of the most powerful literary methods used to convey ideas or opinions. Through vivid imagery and compelling meta...

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kash Published on 06/07/2002 2492 Reads Poetry

Americanized Walkthrough

Bruce Dawe is strongly opposed to consumerism, as shown through his poem, Americanized. The poem is written in a predominantly bit...

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cainen Published on 06/02/2002 2006 Reads Poetry

Bruce Dawe's poetry - 'Life-cycle' And 'Enter without so much as knocking'

‘The poet’s role is to challenge the world the see around them.’ How far is this true for the poetry of Bruce Dawe? How (ie throug...

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cranky_turnip Published on 05/29/2002 4947 Reads Poetry

Enter Without So Much as Knocking

Bruce Dawe’s Enter Without So Much as Knocking is a poem that is critical of consumerism in the modern world. The poem itself is a...

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cainen Published on 05/28/2002 6517 Reads Poetry

The Metaphysical Poets - Marvell, Donne and Herbert

Metaphysical poetry was originally a style of poetry to describe the poet John Donne's work, but then later extended to a school o...

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bagpuss Published on 05/26/2002 1868 Reads Poetry

Base Details

The poem ‘Base Details’ by Siegfried Sassoon is a sarcastic attack against the army generals who view the war as a game similar to...

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lakejm Published on 05/21/2002 2042 Reads Poetry

Darkness and The Prisoner of Chillon - Comparing and Contrasting

Introduction In this essay I will be discussing the similarities and differences between two poems written by Lord Byron in 1816,...

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boff_brigader Published on 05/07/2002 1763 Reads Poetry

The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

“There is a difference between the way Prufrock sees himself, and the way the poem reveals him to us. He dramatises himself as a s...

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schmick Published on 05/06/2002 2426 Reads Poetry

The world is Too much With us and The Chimney Sweeper (compare and contrast

Poems are a particular way an author shows to the reader of what he feels and thinks about the actions of the world. In the poems ...

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mvc06 Published on 04/29/2002 2488 Reads Poetry

Birches: Do the "Birches" Speak?

The poem, “Birches,” by Robert Frost evokes all of the senses. Whether it is the rhythmic flow of the poem or the mere need to rec...

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Fulls377 Published on 04/15/2002 1820 Reads Poetry

Songs of Experience - Challenges to conventional thinking in the poetry of William Blake

In this essay I will be discussing, firstly, and in the context of my vague understanding of late eighteenth- and early nineteenth...

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thetrial Published on 04/13/2002 1354 Reads Poetry

Satan - John Milton

Satan, as a character, has been satirized, mocked and made foolish in our modern world. John Milton, however, presents quite a dif...

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mARISTOTLE Published on 04/12/2002 2285 Reads Poetry


Just a note. i did poorly on this, not becaus the essay completely sucks, but because i completely ignored the topic. It could be ...

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mARISTOTLE Published on 04/12/2002 2021 Reads Poetry


William Wordsworth’s description of his poetry in “Preface to Lyrical Ballads” gives the impression that it feel much like a mode...

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mARISTOTLE Published on 04/12/2002 1497 Reads Poetry

Sparrow and Rose - Critical analysis

In this essay I intend to look at two poems: Sparrow by Thom Gunn and Rose by Walter de la Mare. I will analyse each poem in terms...

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Admin Published on 03/30/2002 1901 Reads Poetry

Romantic poetry - Imagination and Emotion

"particular characteristics of the literature of romanticism includes subjectivity and an emphasis on individualism; spontaneity; ...

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Admin Published on 03/30/2002 2868 Reads Poetry

Evil is Truth, Truth, Evil

John Keats brilliantly uses poetic form and descriptive language to attempt to evoke interest in an inherently uninteresting subje...

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Enirambus Published on 03/04/2002 1930 Reads Poetry

The Rape of the Lock - Satire

Pope skillfully uses the mock epic genre to satirize the triviality of his society through exaggeration, parody, and juxtaposition...

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cheetah Published on 03/04/2002 2990 Reads Poetry