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World War I

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Term Papers 31 - 36

Wartime Propaganda: World War I

The Drift Towards War "Lead this people into war, and they'll forget there was ever such a thing as tolerance. To fight, you must ...

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Admin Published on 01/22/1999 1594 Reads World War I

Comparison of German and French Soldiers' experiences

The First World War was a horrible experience for all sides involved. No one was immune to the effects of this global conflict and...

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Admin Published on 01/22/1999 1595 Reads World War I

How the Treaty of Versailles Effected Germany

When World War I ended on November 11, 1918, peace talks went on for months due to the Allied leaders wanting to punish the enemy ...

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Admin Published on 01/22/1999 1670 Reads World War I

Social, Political and Economic Effects of WWI

"Everywhere in the world was heard the sound of things breaking." Advanced European societies could not support long wars or so ma...

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Admin Published on 01/22/1999 1695 Reads World War I

Why Australia Joined World War I In 1914

In 1914, Australia joined the First World War. Although it was seen as a European war, the Australia government decided that Austr...

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Ethan Published on 01/22/1999 1505 Reads World War I

Causes of WWI

The First World War had many causes; the historians probably have not yet discovered and discussed all of them so there might be m...

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Admin Published on 01/22/1999 1734 Reads World War I