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European History

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Term Papers 31 - 60

British Entrepreneurs and the decline of the British economy

Was the British entrepreneur the most important single reason for the relative decline of the British economy in the late nineteen...

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Daryl Chambers Published on 12/10/2001 1365 Reads European History

Who was to Blame for the Cold War?

I GOT AN A STAR AT GCSE LEVEL FOR THIS ESSAY, ENGLISH SPELLING... HOPE U LIKE... Everyone’s opinion is different, some say one ...

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loOpz Published on 12/08/2001 2339 Reads European History

Why Was There Relative Stability in the Balkans, In the Period 1890-1908?

Between the years of 1890 and 1908 there was a period of relative stability in the Balkan area. Whilst, in this essay, it is my pr...

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Andy_Jones Published on 11/17/2001 1205 Reads European History

Imperialism in India

British imperialism on India had many positive and negative affects on both the mother country, Britain and the colony, India. Man...

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Curtiss3368 Published on 11/13/2001 1958 Reads European History

The Enlightenment

The Age of Enlightenment saw many great changes in Western Europe. It was an age of reason and philosophes. During this age, chang...

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Marcel Published on 11/08/2001 1176 Reads European History

2001: A Peace Odyssey?

Introduction When I was in Ireland in 1997, I learned one important thing within few days: Do not ask, talk or enter into discuss...

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strider Published on 11/04/2001 1087 Reads European History

Problems of Medieval Europe

The setting: Medieval Europe. The problem: the pope is living in Avignon, under strict control from the French King. The plague is...

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punkerday Published on 10/27/2001 1183 Reads European History

Eleanor, Duchess of Aquitaine

In the year 1122, soon to be Duke William X of Aquitaine was informed that his bride of one year, Aenor, daughter of the Viscount ...

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Lorri-Ann Published on 10/25/2001 1629 Reads European History

Albert Speer - Differing Historical Interpretations

They are many factors influencing the different historical interpretations of Albert Speer. The most influential was Speer’s own c...

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kankean_au Published on 08/06/2001 1727 Reads European History

Revolution in France: Who Benefited Most From The Collapse Of The Ancien Regime?

The Ancien Regime (French for Old Order) was the way society was run, in a period in French history occurring before the French Re...

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Honeybee984 Published on 07/29/2001 1580 Reads European History

Industrial Change in Britain

Industrial Change in Britain:'There was frequent and widespread discontent’ How accurate is this statement? The Industrial Revo...

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Honeybee984 Published on 07/29/2001 1376 Reads European History

Liberal Governments - life for the working

With what success did the Liberal Governments attempt to improve the quality of life of the working? The 1906 election, and sub...

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azurefyre Published on 07/09/2001 1230 Reads European History

Why Did The Church Have So Much Power?

It was very difficult for kings to control the church. The church was very powerful. It could make people scared and tell them the...

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u.s.s. sheffield Published on 06/27/2001 1448 Reads European History

Henry VII & Richard III

Richard the Third had just recently become King of England. But he did not know that soon he would not Henry Tudor was from Wal...

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u.s.s. sheffield Published on 06/27/2001 1203 Reads European History

Renaisance Education: Values and Purposes

The Renaissance was a time of change. It began in Italy during the 14th century, and spread throughout the North. People all over ...

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smileyel Published on 06/10/2001 4013 Reads European History

The French Revolution

Gradually after the American Revolution, France had it’s own Revolution in 1789. The French were very unhappy with their current s...

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smileyel Published on 06/04/2001 1251 Reads European History


In the early nineteenth century, Slavic peoples from multiple empires in eastern and southern Europe began to pursue a movement to...

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smileyel Published on 06/04/2001 1687 Reads European History

Richelieu's Great Success

Machiavelli, More, and Richelieu all at one point or another occupied a high post in their respective governments: Italy, England,...

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stick_ucsb Published on 04/30/2001 1113 Reads European History

Black Death

Since the reign of Emperor Justinian in 542 A.D., man has one unwelcome organism along for the ride, Yersinia pestis. This is the ...

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Xzibit Published on 04/22/2001 1211 Reads European History


During the Middle Ages, countries fought and argued for land and pride. The main goal of the leaders of these countries was global...

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dlsoccer17 Published on 04/10/2001 1402 Reads European History

French Revolution

Essay: What were the reasons and results of the French revolution? In 1789 financial times were hard in France. The peasants we...

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litlmutt Published on 04/05/2001 1512 Reads European History


Essay: Explain the reasons and process of Feudalism. Feudalism came to as a government containing kings, vassals, knights, lord...

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litlmutt Published on 04/05/2001 3092 Reads European History

Industrialization - Economic Change and Effect

Since the 19th century, industrialization has had positive and negative effects on the live of workers. Industrialization is the p...

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litlmutt Published on 04/05/2001 2297 Reads European History

Spanish and French Monarchial Beliefs - The Escorial and Versailles

The palace of Versailles was built by Louis XIV of France (1643-1715), and the Escorial was built by Philip II of Spain (1556-1598...

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kurttt157 Published on 03/26/2001 1891 Reads European History

Was Napoleon Bonaparte the Saviour or the Destroyer of the Ideals of the French Revolution?

With all the glory and the splendour that some countries may have experienced, never has history seen how only only one man, Napol...

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derrick17 Published on 03/20/2001 1498 Reads Napoleon's Career

To what extent did Solidarity contribute to undermining Communism in Poland?

Communism in Poland was self-consciously the workers-state, largely responsible for creating the modern Polish working class throu...

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sheepsayyes2 Published on 03/16/2001 1885 Reads European History

The Industrial Revolution

Examine in detail the History of the Industrial Revolution. Discuss why Britain led the way in the Industrial Revolution and also ...

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hashz Published on 02/24/2001 1030 Reads European History

A Critical Evaluation of Charles De Gaulle's Handling of the Algerian Insurrection

The 1950s was not a particularly good decade for France. The Fourth Republic, which had been established in the aftermath of the S...

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Admin Published on 02/01/2001 1402 Reads European History

Thomas Becket vs Henry II

The High Middle Ages was a time of power struggles between the Church and the State. Increases in royal power and expeditions like...

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Admin Published on 01/06/2001 1862 Reads European History

The Four Humors

Medieval doctors had quite an understanding of the human anatomy, considering their lack of equipment and knowledge. Most doctors ...

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Ivy43019 Published on 01/02/2001 1277 Reads European History