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Term Papers 481 - 510

Defintition of History

The statement “ History is nothing more than a collection of the static facts of the past; people who say history changes are terr...

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lkaram16 Published on 05/28/2000 1434 Reads History

Helen Of Troy

Helen was the most beautiful woman in the entire Greek known world. She was the daughter of the god Zeus and of Leda, and wife of ...

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Buttwhisker Published on 05/25/2000 2833 Reads Ancient Greece

The Holocaust

The Holocaust had long lasting affects on Jewish people. There are many types of horrible mistreatment that the Jewish people went...

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colwell_s Published on 05/24/2000 2712 Reads The Holocaust

The Effects of Industrialization on Society

Had it not been for the industrial revolution, I would doubt very much that we would enjoy the technology we have in the year 2000...

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binzawawi Published on 05/22/2000 2997 Reads European History

Honor and Dueling

A duel was a prearranged combat with lethal weapons between two people, usually taking place under formal arrangements. Each side ...

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Lionco03 Published on 05/22/2000 1660 Reads European History

Christianity's Effect on the Roman Culture

Christianity came into the world approximately two thousand years ago. It was persecuted at first, but atually became the offical ...

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Philshaf Published on 05/22/2000 2584 Reads Ancient Rome

War of 1812

Background Over the course of the French revolutionary and the Napoleonic wars between France and Great Britain (1793-1815), both...

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knb13 Published on 05/18/2000 1471 Reads American History

Egyptian Mythology: Enviromental Influences

Religion can be thought of as the recognition by human beings of a superhuman power that controls the universe and everything that...

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Gooty13 Published on 05/16/2000 1370 Reads History

The Great Depression of the 1930s

The economic depression that beset the United States and other countries in the 1930s was unique in its magnitude and its conseque...

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hephaestus7 Published on 05/12/2000 2468 Reads History

The History Of The Olympic Games

Introduction Today, the Olympic Games are the world's largest pageant of athletic skill and competitive spirit. They are also disp...

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gym Published on 05/11/2000 1683 Reads History

The Atomic Bomb

The atomic bomb is a powerful, explosive nuclear weapon. It is fueled by the fission of the nuclei of specific amounts of plutoniu...

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loves_2_cox Published on 05/05/2000 1363 Reads American History

Eighteenth Century Philosophers: A Comparison

The "Enlightenment" or the "Age of Realization" was an age of great advancement and reform for all of Europe and beyond. Great adv...

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Isiaca Published on 05/04/2000 1640 Reads European History

Effects of the Atomic bomb

The effects of the atomic bomb were terrible. There’s no doubt in my mind that the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki ...

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natureschild84 Published on 04/30/2000 2686 Reads World War II

Aztec Empire

The Aztec Empire was a Native American state that ruled much of what is now Mexico from about 1427 until 1521, when the empire was...

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Admin Published on 04/28/2000 7879 Reads History

Saddam Hussein: The U.S Portrayal of Evil Encarnate

When Iraq invaded and occupied the country of Kuwait in August 1990, the Bush administration was faced with several dilemmas. From...

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Drum4Ever Published on 04/27/2000 1369 Reads American History

The Effects of World War One on Canada’s People

When Britain called on Canada to help in World War One, Canadians dutifully volunteered. Many Canadians thought that this would be...

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frolix Published on 04/27/2000 2687 Reads World War I

Siberian Prison System

PRISON SYSTEM IN SIBERIA My project is dedicated to description of the history of Siberia as a place to where send prisoners--fro...

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Admin Published on 04/26/2000 2921 Reads Russian History

The Decline of Rome

What were the most important reasons for the decline of the Roman Empire? Why? The seemingly unstoppable Roman Empire was bound t...

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fucadam Published on 04/16/2000 2702 Reads Ancient Rome

The Cold War

A war that has created controversy amongst two of the greatest world leaders, United States of America and The Soviet Union, is kn...

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jess4912 Published on 04/16/2000 1793 Reads American History

Ancient Babylonia

When studying Ancient Babylonia it is notably important to look at these factors: daily life, religion, people, society, governmen...

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Cutie_116 Published on 04/15/2000 1807 Reads History

The French Revolution

During the late 1700’s, France followed in America’s footsteps towards their own revolution. A major shift in power would be seen ...

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www.eastud1 Published on 04/10/2000 1597 Reads European History

Strategic Bombing during World War 2

"World War 2 was a war fought in two distinct phases. The first was the last war of a new generation. The second was emphatically ...

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clevedon50 Published on 04/03/2000 2878 Reads World War II

Women's Rights

It was long ago when women were looked upon as slaves to the hard Working, man. In today's society women now are more respected an...

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nikki45 Published on 03/28/2000 1335 Reads History

Why did jews play such a disproportionate part in the cultural life of fin de siecle Vienna ?

"Mythenbildung ist wie kristallisation in der gesattigten salzlosung: es wird dann im entscheidenden augenblick alles mythisch" Ar...

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yjmss01 Published on 03/26/2000 1586 Reads History

From Paleolithic to the Modern World

Before the existence of an advanced civilization many steps of evolution is required. The complex human society is one of the best...

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KgB18h34gh Published on 03/25/2000 1502 Reads History

FDR vs Clinton

The domestic policies and administrations of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and William Jefferson Clinton are in some ways similar, but...

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Admin Published on 03/25/2000 1846 Reads American History

The New Deal

The New Deal was a political and social plan that was the presidential campaign platform of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Although Ro...

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Admin Published on 03/25/2000 2100 Reads American History

English Revolution

During the early 1600's, there was much political struggle in England. These struggles led to a civil war between cavaliers, or ro...

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Admin Published on 03/25/2000 1473 Reads History


This report will be about the life of Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, and his influences on the people around him. It will explain how...

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Fleuryfan33 Published on 03/19/2000 1444 Reads History

The involvement of the International Brigades in the Spanish Civil War

On the 18 July 1936, leading Generals of the Spanish Army led a revolt against the democratically elected Popular Front government...

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lovelygun Published on 03/16/2000 1500 Reads European History