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Term Papers 421 - 450

Childhood Experience

Child company experience is one of the sweetest experience. We all have some child company experience. They play in your lap. Freq...

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siddhartha112 Published on 09/18/2001 1731 Reads Creative Writing

What is Life?

Have you ever thought what is life! Have .. you… ever..? ok its all of us who live it and its all of us who know it with our exper...

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siddhartha112 Published on 09/18/2001 1302 Reads Creative Writing

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

My mind was all muddled up and everything went topsy-turvy inside it. Yet, I remained still and silent. No one would ever imagine ...

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get_it_rockin Published on 09/14/2001 2043 Reads Creative Writing

The me inside the mirror

Don't look at me inside the mirror for there you will not find anything.I know you want me to be someone you always wanted to have...

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blank_? Published on 09/11/2001 1610 Reads Poems

Under the moon lit night

It was a magnificent night. The stars where glittering over us. We even saw a falling star. The moon was bright and full. For us i...

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gerada Published on 09/07/2001 1346 Reads Creative Writing


I wrote this when I was 12. When the tea is brought at five o'clock, And all the curtains are drawn with care, The little k...

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yatzs Published on 09/07/2001 1660 Reads Poems

I Love You

I Love the way you hold me, When I have no one to turn to. I love how you always convince me Your love is so true. I love th...

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hottangel36 Published on 09/07/2001 1551 Reads Poems

Schwinky Schwanky

Crazy, lazy Dazed, and hazy. Wiffleball-- Said it all. Cameltosis-- Very grosis. Brie and Tessie Beth; Illustrious crystal ...

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Scrumptie17 Published on 09/07/2001 1432 Reads Poems

My Crush

There once was a guy i really liked Ever since 6th grade. Last year was when he moved away; Goodbye to him I bade. I really ...

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Scrumptie17 Published on 09/07/2001 1583 Reads Poems

Into the Twilight

She, the Innocent One, Calls to me. She tightens her thighs, Wanting tenderness and gentleness, Not withered dreams and darkne...

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Scrumptie17 Published on 09/07/2001 1597 Reads Poems

Religious Boy

He’s not so clean after all. He’s rather blackened by the crowd. He’s scared of being left alone But he’s rather child...

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Gurly Published on 09/07/2001 1493 Reads Poems

Dragons Legacy

Foreword In the days of the Ancients there was a race like no other, for they were blessed with a unique gift of being able to sp...

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malus_dominus Published on 08/26/2001 1399 Reads Creative Writing

Deaf & Dumb

This is a story of a guy who falls in love with a girl who was deaf and dumb. (Weird). P.S. Dear reader if you thinking why Car...

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usamabinladdin Published on 08/22/2001 2759 Reads Creative Writing

Faked Smile

I sat on the cliff facing the sea, Mixed emotions accompanied me, Did I say or do anything wrong, That broke the bond that coul...

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elektra Published on 08/17/2001 1580 Reads Poems

Self Control

Self control, I let noone influence myself, Everything that I do and say, Every little decisions I make, Is what I really desi...

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elektra Published on 08/17/2001 2193 Reads Poems

End of Time

End of Time I cannot find a way around, Searching high but falling low, Fighting where the soul won't go. In the world...

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Staindspikez Published on 08/10/2001 1544 Reads Poems

The World, A Destroyer

The world is empty, an endless void Swirling, twirling, and hurling us all Facing the downfall no one foresaw. The world,...

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Staindspikez Published on 08/10/2001 1717 Reads Poems

Through the Window

Sitting by his window, unhindered by greed or oppression, sits a boy he is young and good and pure and looks upon the dawn with i...

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QuesterX Published on 08/10/2001 1721 Reads Poems

Total humiliation

There are few things in life that are more embarrassing than being the cause of a held up queue. The main reason why this causes s...

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bilwani Published on 08/06/2001 1307 Reads Creative Writing

Philmont Trek

Wiping the sweat from my brow I called a halt to the crew. Phil and I dumped our packs and found a comfy boulder to rest on. I loo...

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Caesar Published on 07/30/2001 1236 Reads Creative Writing

My Only Love

You share your love , so caring and deep the key to my heart is yours to keep , you've earned my heart with your handsome smile...

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2HOT2C Published on 07/25/2001 1854 Reads Poems

She held the piece of paper and looked at me

Jackie stared at the piece of paper with trembling hands and then back at me, her eyes danced uncontrollably with joy. Elated, she...

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appireddy Published on 07/21/2001 1535 Reads Creative Writing

Why did you read this?

Calm down, breathe deeply, and think. You are sitting staring at a computer, as if it is something magical. You are reading this, ...

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Sprout26 Published on 07/08/2001 1367 Reads Creative Writing

Primary School Capers

It seems so long ago now, since the mischievous days of mid-primary school. Since the days I never did homework, and was ever so s...

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julser56 Published on 07/03/2001 1526 Reads Creative Writing

I Walk Alone

And so I walk alone, Along the road Where the ocean meets the land I know now Everything that I've ever wanted Will be slip...

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Voxximinna Published on 06/22/2001 1660 Reads Poems


There's a miracle of Friendship that begins within the heart, And you don't know how it happens or where it gets its start.....

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newfie_dude Published on 06/19/2001 1362 Reads Poems

Something to think about!

In the ancient Roman times a man could decide wether he wanted to keep the child. The only catch was that it had to be female or h...

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honeybaby_05 Published on 06/17/2001 1617 Reads Creative Writing

I Have to be With You

I felt the breath of the wind tickling my back, I felt the cold hands of the clouds on my face. I could hear the whisper of the ...

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sizzler1014 Published on 06/16/2001 1599 Reads Poems

My Walls

I don't know what I feel for certain I know what I want to feel But what I want is wrong I'm reaching for the wrong things Wha...

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slinkyzim Published on 06/16/2001 1798 Reads Poems

Mystery Man

I love him with all my heart, His life is crazy, but he just plays it off. Why can't he love me? Does he think I'm kidding? ...

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honeybaby_05 Published on 06/16/2001 1519 Reads Poems