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Term Papers 31 - 39

The Speckeld Band - Book Review

1. Name of book? The Speckled Band. 2. Author of book? Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. 3. Setting? The story took place in Baker...

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hashz Published on 02/24/2001 2049 Reads Book Reviews

Runnin' Down Some Lines: Book Review

Deprived of opportunities for advancement in mainstream society, [black ghetto] teenagers elevate their personal style into a phil...

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Nas21 Published on 02/07/2001 1971 Reads Book Reviews

The Mask of Apollo - Review

"The Mask of Apollo" revolves around the adventures of Nikeratos, a young actor who travels the countryside of ancient Greece and ...

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kingdingo5500 Published on 11/14/2000 2282 Reads Book Reviews

Howards End: Book Review

Howards End by E. M. Forster deals with the conflict of class distinctions and human relationships. The quintessence of the main t...

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Admin Published on 04/26/2000 2111 Reads Book Reviews

The Octopus - Review

At the turn of the century, American readers were interested only in stories with happy endings, where goodness was praised and ev...

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Rachel1981 Published on 04/21/2000 1922 Reads Book Reviews

Book Review of The Name of the Rose: The Name of the Truth

Imagine a medieval Benedictine monastery, with cellarers, herbalists, gardeners, librarians, young novices. One after the other, h...

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Admin Published on 12/21/1999 1880 Reads Book Reviews

The Principles of Machiavelli : a book review of The Prince

Machiavelli's views have been misinterpreted since his book was first written, people take him in the wrong way, and are offended ...

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ae313 Published on 11/16/1999 1975 Reads Book Reviews

Darkness, Be my Friend - Review

Darkness, Be My Friend is the fourth book in John Marsden's series consisting of Tomorrow, When the War Began, In the Dead of the ...

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Ethan Published on 01/22/1999 1873 Reads Book Reviews

Flowers for Algernon - Review

The book, "Flowers for Algernon", was an exciting science fiction novel written by . The main characters of the story are the cent...

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Admin Published on 01/22/1999 1862 Reads Book Reviews