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Term Papers 181 - 210

William Carlos Williams

William Carlos Williams was born September 17, 1883 in Rutherford, N.J. His father had emigrated from Birmingham, England, and his...

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Admin Published on 11/27/1999 1862 Reads Biographies

Phillis Wheatley

Phillis Wheatley, one of America’s most profound writers, has contributed greatly to American literature, not only as a writer, bu...

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Admin Published on 11/27/1999 1567 Reads Biographies

Charles Dickens

INTRODUCTION This report will talk about the life of a famous author, Charles Dickens. It will tell you about his early, middle, ...

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Admin Published on 11/21/1999 1890 Reads Biographies

Martin Luther

Martin Luther lived from 1483-1546. Luther was born on November 10, 1483 in Eisleben in the province of Saxony. His protestant vie...

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mtxflip Published on 11/21/1999 1303 Reads Biographies

Karl Marx

Karl Marx was born on May 5, 1818, in a place called Trier in Prussia. Marx attended the university of Bonn and later the universi...

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scooby9182 Published on 11/21/1999 3451 Reads Biographies

Walter Johnson - a Pitcher

In the beginning there were players like Ty Cobb who hit .300 for 23 consecutive years, and the 'flying dutchman' Honus Wagner. Pi...

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limbiz311 Published on 11/20/1999 1601 Reads Biographies

Oprah Winfrey

"The Oprah Winfrey Show". Her show is known to not only all over the United States, but also known to all around the world. Today ...

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Admin Published on 11/16/1999 1779 Reads Biographies

Sigmund Freud's Life and Studies

"Sigmund Freud was born on May 6, 1856, in the small Moravian town of Freiberg" . His father was a merchant, and his mother was hi...

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Admin Published on 11/16/1999 1997 Reads Biographies

Queen Victoria

On November 6, 1817 Princess Charlotte, the only heir to the crown of England died. She was the only child of the Prince Regent an...

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Admin Published on 11/16/1999 1748 Reads Biographies


ADOLF HITLER'S RELIGIOUS BELIEFS AND FANATICISM People often claim that Adolf Hitler believed in Atheism, Humanism, or that his ...

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Smudeo Published on 11/15/1999 2309 Reads Adolf Hitler

Ludwig van Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany. He studied in Vienna under Mozart and Hayden. In Vienna he first made his reputati...

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hui116 Published on 11/13/1999 2262 Reads Biographies

Martin Luther King, Jr

Martin Luther King, Jr. was perhaps one of the most influential person of our time. As the father of modern civil rights movement,...

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z.aviles Published on 11/06/1999 2159 Reads Biographies

Abraham Lincoln

On the stormy morning of Sunday, February 12, Nancy Hanks Lincoln, wife of Thomas, gave birth to a boy. He was born on a bed of po...

Save Paper Published on 10/25/1999 2085 Reads American Presidents

Juan Gris

Juan Gris was born in 1887. He was a Spanish born French painter who went to the cubist school. Originally his name was Jose Vitto...

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burbhdm Published on 10/25/1999 2069 Reads Biographies

Martin Luther KIng

Martin Luther King, Jr. was born at noon Tuesday, January 15, 1929, at his home in Atlanta, Georgia. He was first named Michael Lu...

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Admin Published on 09/25/1999 1765 Reads Biographies

Benjamin Franklin

In his many careers as a printer, moralist, essayist, civic leader, scientist, inventor, statesman, diplomat, and philosopher, Ben...

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R_Dogg Published on 09/14/1999 1806 Reads Biographies

Kim Campbell

Kim Campbell, Canada's first female Prime Minister, rose quickly in her political standings reaching, what she would find to be th...

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rkrook Published on 09/14/1999 2752 Reads Biographies

Walter Whitman

Through the history of the United States there have been a countless numbers of poets. With them came an equal number of writing s...

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rick450 Published on 09/14/1999 1943 Reads Biographies

Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria was born in 1819 and she died in 1901. She was queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (1837-1901)...

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MShuler Published on 09/14/1999 1597 Reads Biographies

Henry Ford

Henry Ford was born on July 30, 1863 to William and Mary Ford. He was the first of six children. He grew up in a rich farming hous...

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dawgs47 Published on 09/14/1999 1846 Reads Biographies

Rasputin: The Saint Who Sinned

"It's good to know that if I act strangely enough, society will take full responsibility for me." Ashleigh Brilliant may have subc...

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yaliee Published on 09/14/1999 1992 Reads Biographies

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler did not live a very long life, but during his time he caused such a great deal of death and destruction that his acti...

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Admin Published on 09/13/1999 2387 Reads Adolf Hitler

Robert E Lee

Born in Virginia to a family of famous people, his father, a Revolutionary War hero and his mother from a long line of rich, loyal...

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chiri Published on 09/13/1999 1677 Reads Biographies

Adolf Hitler

The seeds of Hitler's rise to power were planted following the outcome of the First World War. With Germany's defeat, many German ...

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salope Published on 09/13/1999 2420 Reads Adolf Hitler

Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin was born in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. He was the son of Robert Waring Darwin and his wife Susannah, and the grandson ...

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blake Published on 09/13/1999 1487 Reads Biographies

Albert Einstein

This German born physicist is considered one of the world's greatest thinkers in history. Not only did he shape the way people thi...

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set_shatian666 Published on 09/13/1999 1473 Reads Biographies

Tupac Shakur

Tupac Shakur was a very influential person in 20th century USA. He was born on June 16, 1971 in Brooklyn New York, and died on Sep...

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tru Published on 09/11/1999 1990 Reads Biographies

Margaret Mead

Margaret Mead was a great scientist, explorer, writer, and teacher, who educated the human race in many different ways. In the nex...

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jumn Published on 08/24/1999 2316 Reads Biographies

Charles Cotesworth Pinckney

Charles Cotesworth Pinckney was born on February 25th, 1746 at Charleston, the eldest son of a politically prominent planter and a...

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arzishbaaquie Published on 08/22/1999 1751 Reads Biographies

Henry Ford

Henry Ford was born on July 30, 1863 and died on April 7, 1947. Henry Ford was the son of William Ford, who had emigrated from Ire...

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Admin Published on 08/22/1999 1926 Reads Biographies