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madea vs. antigone

Uploaded by bishopgs on Jan 29, 2013

Antigone and Medea are two stories of women fighting back for what they want, or what they feel is right. These stories take place in ancient Greece, around the time it was rising to power. Medea and Antigone are both strong characters. Though at times can be very manipulative. Both women have different kind of moral standards that controls the outcome and how far their willing to go.

Medea is often very demanding in getting what it is that she wants. Antigone, will do what she need to do in order to get what she wants. With Antigone she is goes against the law of a king to do what she believes is spirituality right. In the middle of the night she leaves the house and sneaks into a field to bury her dead brother. Medea killed many people, including her own sons and a princess, in order to get revenge on her cheating husband. The two women both have to wait for a perfect time to strike. In the case of Medea, quick, violent strikes. And with Antigone, a calm precise one. These women are very determined to get what they want.

In these stories being a strong woman seems to coincide with being manipulative. Medea lied and cheated friends to try to acquire time in order to get what she wants. In this case what she wants is revenge against her ex-husband. She tricks a friend to give her saftey in Athens after she has committed her insane task. Medea even goes so far as to be able to con Creon, the king himself into giving her an extra day. This unwittingly gives her exactly what she needs. Antigone tries to manipulate others but is not as successful as Medea. Antigone tries, without success , to persuade her sister, Ismene, to help her give their brother Polyneices a proper burial. In this way they are more like foxes, cunning but not always getting it right. Their deceitful nature is their strength.

While both women do wrong by the law of man, and Medea against the law of the gods, they do it for different reasons. In the beginning Medea kills many people and monsters with little or no concern of the consequence. When the story deals with modern times Medea kills out of pure revenge and spite for Jason. She plots for weeks to kill Jason’s new bride and poisons...

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Uploaded by:   bishopgs

Date:   01/29/2013

Category:   Medea

Length:   3 pages (577 words)

Views:   2400

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