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Krogstad: Villain or Victim?

Uploaded by kitradin on Oct 15, 2004

Krogstad: Villain or Victim?

In the play “A Doll’s House,” Henrik Ibsen effectively presents a sudden twist on characters by providing details in such a way that it changes the reader’s view on major characters as opposed to how he previously described them. For example Nora, the protagonist seems somewhat naïve and immature at first; yet she eventually captures sympathy as the play reveals some of her secrets. The focus of this paper is about Krogstad. Although depicted as rude and, he deserves a degree of sympathy along with Nora.

One reason why Krogstad ought to have the compassion he deserves is that he feels forced to take desperate measures. He is determined to do everything he can to save his employment and the welfare of his family and if necessary “shall fight for [his] little job as if [he] were fighting for [his] life” (#931). Many years previously he was involved in a scandal that ruined his reputation. When Torvald, the new Bank manager decided to fire him, Krogstad realized that his family was threatened. Under such intense pressure he was able to blackmail Nora and Torvald. The case of Nora presents an interesting parallel. Realizing that her action would either let her father die with a broken heart or cause her husband to lose confidence as a father and provider of the family, Nora made the same mistake, making her offense “no more and no worse” than Krogstad is(#933). This dilemma which contributed greatly to our support towards Nora is essentially the same reason why we should give Krogstad the same empathy.

Aside from saving his children, Krogstad wanted to “win back respectability” that he used to have before his reputation was ruined (#931). He wanted to be able to live a normal, peaceful life again as evidenced by his words: “I want to get on my feet again” (#947). His main motive was not to inflict trouble upon Nora and her family intentionally but was driven with a desire to lift himself from the mud the society had left him.

In two instances he was abandoned by the ones he loved. After being left by Mrs. Linde for reasons of financial security, he was again abandoned by his wife later on in his married life leaving him with children to nurture on his own. He felt like the “ground had slipped away...

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Uploaded by:   kitradin

Date:   10/15/2004

Category:   A Doll's House

Length:   3 pages (628 words)

Views:   2922

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Krogstad: Villain or Victim?

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