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Basketball Then and Now

Uploaded by Charlie999 on Jul 13, 2001

"Hello everyone and welcome to the NBA Finals game one! We will be right back to cover the tip off on NBA on NBC!" This is what you would hear nowadays when TV as completely changed the game in the NBA.

Before, it used to be real hard working people who had talent and entertained us by playing the game of basketball. It was a time of great skill and amazing shots.

Until Television came along...

Now, the game has gotten more popular at the expense of having over-paid players playing for the fame, not enjoyment. They act aggressive and make mean faces to the cameras after a spectacular dunk. These type of players have completely changed our view of the NBA. It gets more serious on the rucker parks in New York. It's all about showing off there and there is virtually NO good sportsmanship in the game.

That's why I believe that we, the next generation should do something about this attitude crisis that we have here. We should try our best to have good sportsmanship WHERE EVER WE GO. Please look at what the human society has come to. But, don't be depressed by what you see, it can be changed by every single one of you. It can be changed.

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Uploaded by:   Charlie999

Date:   07/13/2001

Category:   Sports

Length:   1 pages (210 words)

Views:   1760

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Basketball Then and Now

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